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eBill for Bill Processors

Who is a Bill Processor?

Tax Services, Banks, Mortgage Companies, Attorneys/Lawyers, Title Services, etc. Any entity looking to obtain Real Estate / Personal Property tax information on behalf of a property owner.

What is eBill?

eBill offers Bill Processors an easy and secure method to research property information, report taxes owed, and remit payments on behalf of property owners. With eBill's versatile capabilities you will have the ability to manage all your accounts using eBill's portfolio manager, search tools, and custom reports. You will also have access to current and past data. eBill is ideal for any loan count and for Processors who want to minimize manual processing.

Packages Offered

eBill Standard:
This processing package allows the user to search for account information. You will be asked to enter in, for example, the parcel number or part of the property location and the website will bring up all the possible account matches.

•Ideal for small loan counts
•Look-up amounts due
•Have the option of viewing and printing each account or eBill you look-up

eBill Professional:
eBill Professional allows Bill Processors to look-up accounts along with the ability to manage all of their accounts in an online portfolio. Your portfolio can be saved; accounts and account information can be add/delete/edit. Your portfolio can also be submitted to a city/town for remittance.

•Simplify the way you create and submit remittances
•Monitor your Non-Escrow loans
•View past submitted remittance
•Account information is stored, making future payments and inquires fast and easy
•Confirm payments have been made and posted without calling Municipalities

eBill Enterprise:
eBill Enterprise gives Bill Processors the convenience of receiving tax files from one single source in one single format. Since the tax file you receive from MCC is in one standardized format for all cities and towns you can have one approach to import this information into your system. When you have completed processing the information, eBill standardized payment file will allow you to have a single export approach for all cities and towns.

•Ideal for processors with an in-house process already in place
•Ability to receive full files
•Standardized import file for all Billers
•Standardized export/payment file for all Billers
•Look-up amounts due and property information easily
•Have the option of managing your accounts in an online portfolio
•Simplify the way you create and submit remittances
•Account information in your portfolio is stored, making future payments fast and easy
•View customized reports to reconcile remittances
•Monitor your Non-Escrow loans
•Confirm payments have been made and posted without having to call the Municipalities
•Thorough, robust processing

What is the next step?

To research, report, and/or remit tax information online through eBill you must either Register for an eBill account or Login to your existing eBill account.

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