eSchool Lunch

eSchool Lunch

eSchool Lunch allows your School System to collect online prepayments for Food Services. Our online services provide cost-effective solutions that are designed to save time and keep your cafeteria lines moving quickly!

With eSchool Lunch, your School System can reduce cash handling, increase participation and reduce the amount of time spent processing payments. In addition, parents will have a secure and convenient way to prepay for their student’s meals online, view balances, account history, and receive email notifications when balances are nearing low.

eSchool Lunch Benefits

To the School System:
• Cost-effective hardware and software options
• Reduce cash/coin handling
• Improve line speed
• Simplify free/reduced meal tracking
• Minimize phone calls to School System in regards to student balance
• Reduce the number of payments staff processes
• All prepayments made online are deposited directly into the School Systems bank account
• Streamline paperwork by automating every-day manual reporting and tasks
• Reduce the amount of notes or reminders being sent home for parents to send money
• Benefit from MCC / Invoice Cloud’s friendly and knowledgeable Support

To Parents:
• 24/7 access
• Make payments via ACH (electronic check)
• Makes payments via MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card
• Receive low-balance email reminders
• Receive confirmation of payments via email
• Make payments for multiple students in one or more schools within District
• View or monitor purchases made in the cafeteria
• Online payment history
• Reduce lost or stolen lunch money
• Benefit from MCC / Invoice Cloud’s friendly and knowledgeable Support

What is the next step?

If you are interested in eSchool Lunch and would like more information or to schedule a live demo, please contact us today!